What is SEO?


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is all the stuff that happens in the background to make your [...]

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SEO 2014 – What to do ?


We have seen major changes with regards to SEO on Google. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithim have effected a huge [...]

SEO 2014 – What to do ?2013-11-26T06:32:53+02:00

Tips For Advertising On Google


Advertising on Google is an important part of any businesses digital marketing portfolio. Google makes it easy for businesses to [...]

Tips For Advertising On Google2013-11-24T09:36:55+02:00

AdWords Advanced Settings Explained: Rotation


When we aim for return on investment using Google Adwords our potential customers first impression on the brand means everything. [...]

AdWords Advanced Settings Explained: Rotation2013-10-14T15:46:06+02:00

SEO Consultants in Johannesburg.


9 questions to ask a SEO Consultant. SEO is such a buzzword these days, and SEO is ever-changing with Search [...]

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Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns FAQ


Check out this video on Enhanced Campaigns and how to upgrade effectively.   Changing your adwords campaign to the new [...]

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Google Adwords Training Johannesburg


Web Smart helps businesses have a better understanding of Google AdWords Training . Adwords can be complex but with the [...]

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Google Adwords Company in Johannesburg


Web Smart is an online advertising company that’s specialises in Google Adwords. We assist companies in improving lead generation and [...]

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