We have seen major changes with regards to SEO on Google. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithim have effected a huge amount of websites that use to cheat their way to the top of the search engines. Most website owners felt the huge effect of these updates and are trying everything to rectify this matter .In our opinion we are better off as we are getting better quality content and over time receive better results.

Search Engines are looking for better quality content, that is informative and helpful to the user. We have seen an increase in traffic with client that regularly contribute good quality content to their website opposed to users that let their site stay idle. The problem with most SME businesses is that they don’t have the time to provide content and generally the business owner or sale manager, who has the know how, does not have the time to sit down and write informative content.

Web smart suggest that you focus more time on Content and making sure all of your onsite SEO factors are correct. Also loo at keywords or phrases that are converting (through AdWords and Analytical data.) Mobile has been a factor that I’m sure Search Engines are going to look for as contributing factor to SEO, look at changing your business website to a responsive design. Google will focus on the consumer and change their rules accordingly.