When we aim for return on investment using Google Adwords our potential customers first impression on the brand means everything. After predicting conversions using keyword targeting the next step is knowing which text ad works best.

Advanced text advert rotation on Google Adwords is easy. Go to the ‘settings’ tab next to ‘adgroups’ and select ‘all settings’.

An agency should manage new campaigns using creative adverts advanced analysis techniques. See below for an explanation on rotate indefinitely variable control.

Text Advert Settings

  • Some settings make life easy if you know how to use them.
  • Optimising for clicks when preference is given to traffic over conversions
  • Optimising for conversions needs extra codes placed on website
  • Rotating for 90 days is a smart approach – this let’s Google decide which ads best after analysis
  • Rotating indefinitely allows us to decide what’s best – total control.

Which Brain Comes First Adwords or Yours?

Automated  settings might work better after you have some data and know how to analyse:

  • Some might think outsmarting Google all together is possible. Write a single advert per day to check on which day the phone rings or they get conversions. Clever? Maybe not.
  • New campaign sample sizes are too small (0 data) and need to split equally 50/50 for the system or yourself to make educated decision on converting advert.
  • CTR, CPC, Rank variables are sometimes worth looking at yourself before favouring an advert. When balanced stats are collected at same the same time extraneous variables are reduced. These variables (i.e. time of day, environment and more) are not in our control and have an effect on buyers. High quality data is profitable.
  • Sometimes the difference between an agency and direct advertiser is rotating between 90 days or indefinitely – analysis skills.

  • Start with 0 Adwords data – first advert  is reasonably good and the other is seriously bad but we don’t know it yet.
  • First user comes along and they see the ‘good advert’ pat myself on the head as it’s my campaign and I was just checking ads are showing.
  • Another, user comes a long, a very good potential conversion. Sees the good ad and Internet disconnects before user connects to the site.
  • Third user – a friend of mine who heard me boasting about first page position. Searches and sees the bad advert, clicks and sends a joke conversion but never going to buy – total idiot.
  • Following user sees the bad advert to randomly sends me a request via enquiry form for a job (conversion).
  • System sees first conversion gives favour to this bad advert. A couple more bad conversions from same advert later and now the advert may get optimised to show the bad advert.
  • Once the bad advert accidently does as well as the good one you may realise switching “Contact Now” to “Call Now” in the first advert might have a total mind blowing result

Rotating Indefinitely

Puts you in control of the unpredictable future and statistical analysis.

  • Insures real a/b split testing
  • Encourages you to monitor ads and data – run statistical analysis (formulas) to predict future forecast of conversions
  • Providing the control groups are similar (% served / sample size)  statistical decisions mathematically will make more profit
  • Once a constant stream of conversions is achieved – this is your baseline. Make some money, pause one bad advert, write a new advert and then make even more.


  • Schedule per month checkpoint in your calendar to select the performing advert. Alternatively monitor clicks and select performing advert per every 100 clicks or 1000 impressions or create a new checkpoint method of your own
  • Segment your advert stats by ‘Top vs. Other’ and make real educated decisions on the top performing ad

Remember the above advice is for new campaigns with long term online advertising goals. Just like CPA bidding, it’s pointless jumping head first into automated settings without giving yourself or the system a chance to collect conversion data.

In summary the simple choices are to hope for the best and rotate advert for 90 days then optimise for conversions. Ask someone to manage campaign for you or learn how to  carry out agency management/analysis whilst simultaneously running your business.

Article Contributed by Imran SQ – Follow Imran on Google Plus HERE