Gone are the days when press releases and radio ads were the gold standards of business marketing. Today, there is a massive focus on digital marketing, its reach, and its success. The world is galloping ahead at break-neck speed, and your business marketing needs to keep up. Web Smart is a digital agency in Johannesburg that will approach your marketing strategy from new and innovative perspectives and will ensure that it incorporates the top digital trends (including Google advertising and ad management).

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is, put simply, a strategy that is based on data and implemented through technology. It is organised and targeted, which means greater control over your reach and, ultimately, success. Digital marketing includes mobile apps, social media, podcasts, and the insightful use of search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO ensures that the search engines (like Google) recognise, esteem, and rank your website higher, so that more people see it in their searches.

Web Smart – What Will This Digital Agency in Johannesburg Do For My Business?

Web Smart has the expertise and experience necessary to design and implement the entire digital marketing campaign. This will start at understanding your business, its target market, its competitors, and its goals. Then, it will be translated right through to your final sales and numbers.

We will handle your digital marketing with the goal of boosting sales and improving productivity. We will analyse your target client in great depth so that all of our (and your) approaches are targeted and more effective.

Another extremely important part of this process is Google Advertising, or Google Ads. These small, but punchy adverts appear on the search engine pages to attract users that are searching for a product or service like yours. We use keywords and cookies to achieve the best results. This means that users get to see your site, product or service without searching specifically for them. As Google Ads experts, Web Smart ensures that you get the most benefit out of this crucial marketing tool.  By implementing this kind of marketing, your brand will have a real online presence.

In addition to your Google Ads management, Web Smart also ensures that your website and social media content is in line with your Google advertising and the SEO requirements. We ensure that it is perfectly primed for good rankings by using the correct keywords and key phrases, and creating relevant content that is well structured and easy to read.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

The results of effective digital marketing are quantifiable. You’re able to measure the results of any digital marketing campaign and adjust your strategy in very real time, if necessary. This is unlike a costly TV commercial. TV or magazine ads only yield results months or years after an incredible amount of time and money.

Keeping with the times and appealing to a new generation of clients is crucial to keeping your business afloat in the long term.

Why Use a Digital Agency in Johannesburg for Your Marketing?

Business owners may be tempted to tackle this project on their own because of all the online resources available for marketing. But, learning the ropes of effective Google Ads Management, SEO, how to write and structure effective content, and how to manage campaigns takes years of work and research. What’s more, it is constantly changing and evolving. Use a local company to put your products and services on a global platform. This ensures that your digital marketing strategies are current, relevant, and in the capable hands of the pros.