This year, Google hosted its first leading Business coaching event for the top Small to Medium enterprises throughout the world. Web Smart was personally selected and invited by Google, one of the largest search engine giants, to attend the business coaching event that took place in South Africa. This three month event was organised by Google in an effort to provide pertinent business skills to some of South Africa’s top Small to Medium sized enterprises.


Web Smart began in the 2000’s with the intention of assisting SME’s in utilising the internet. This was done in an effort to enhance the business performance of these SMEs. By using Google’s marketing tools, Web Smart was able to create exciting and sustainable online marketing strategies that assisted SME’s to reach their market online. From SEO to e-commerce, Websmart has developed online solutions for a host of companies such as Sage, Konica Minolta, The Sandwich Baron and many more.


Owing to the fact that their strategy is based solely on the internet, and to an extent Google itself, it’s no surprise that Web Smart was invited to attend this prestige event. The aim of the event was to:

  • Improve business performance
  • Provide vital sales training tips
  • Address means of entrepreneurship and company recruitment
  • Direct partnership agreements and client services.


By providing Web Smart with the opportunity to prosper from this esteemed event, Google is sure to receive further revenue from Web Smart’s clients. According to Greg Mason, Google South Africa’s business growth program business coach, the event assists Google in identifying companies who, like Web Smart, “deliver high quality digital marketing for their clients”. At the same time, these companies need to be eager to invest in improving the way in which they manage and nurture their business.


By partaking in this event, Web Smart was able to enhance and sharpen their business skills and understanding of their client’s needs even further with new insight on what agencies around the world are doing. WebSmart’s CEO, Verne Eliasov, was thrilled that the company was given such an extraordinary opportunity to work with Greg Mason of bizHQ, the 2015 Business Coach, partner member of the Google Business Coaching programme. Web Smart’s clients can rest assured that they will receive service that is of a world class standard. For more information on what Web Smart offers take a look at the world class services we offer.