Check out this video on Enhanced Campaigns and how to upgrade effectively.


Changing your adwords campaign to the new Enhanced Campaigns feature have proven to be more effective and more manageable than before, but be sure to know what you are doing.  We have all been reminded of this new feature for some time now with easy step by step guide to upgrade.

The change over happened on the 22nd of July 2013 and we all hope you have done so effectively, misunderstanding the Google Enhanced Campaigns can be detrimental, make sure you have a full understanding on all parts of the enhanced campaigns before making concrete decisions. With Enhanced campaigns you can now monitor your traffic based on location – where your reporting will show from what triggered your ad and where users came from, ad schedule where you can see what time of the day most of your traffic occurred and bid effectively.

You also now have the device settings where you can see how many of those users were coming from mobile/tablet/computer and again bid effectively. The purpose of Enhanced campaigns are used to bid higher on metrics which are the most valuable to you and bid lower on the metrics that are not as valuable. ( I.e Area , time )